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Last year, in addition to reviewing his EP ‘ok, COOL!’ I was lucky enough to do a Q&A with Palmer Hubbell, otherwise known as Palmertrees, otherwise known as the singer-songwriter who makes music that goes from his head, to his hands, to you. ‘ok, COOL!’ is one of those timeless projects that I find myself listening to again and again without ever getting tired of it. Now, the Tennessee-based artist has released ‘PEOPLE FUEL,’ a single that I will happily be adding to my monthly rotation of all things Palmertrees. 

Thematically and instrumentally, ‘PEOPLE FUEL’ is the perfect followup to ‘ok, COOL!’ – and it has arrived just in time for your coming-of-age main character summer nights. Disguised in a fuse of indie-bedroom-pop-rock, Palmer admits to feeling mentally and socially drained by people – to the point where he needs to make excuses to remove himself from their presence. It’s an all too relatable narrative for us introverted folk, and a very valid one at that.

In the chorus, Palmer sings, Maybe I should go / I just remembered that I / Left all my wet clothes / Back in the washer and / My mom called / She needs me home / So sorry next time / Hope we’re cool / But I’m low on people fuel. Sometimes, people can be exhausting, and we shouldn’t need to justify our want to have time to ourselves, but we do, and Palmer eloquently captures this inner struggle through his songwriting. 

One of the best parts about discovering an artist is being a part of their evolution as a musician and a person. The production of ‘PEOPLE FUEL’ feels like a maturation, 2.0 version of the classic ‘Palmertrees’ sound – decorated in sun-kissed electric guitar riffs, indie-rock drums, and echoing chants that create a whirlwind of energy in the best possible way. It’s one of those tunes that you can’t help but not-so-inconspicuously sway along to as you type a song review in the corner of a coffee shop. 

I’m so happy that Palmertrees is back and better than ever, and you should be, too.

Listen to ‘PEOPLE FUEL’ below!


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