Haiden // Wasted

22-year-old Los Angeles-based pop singer-songwriter Haiden is back at it again with another anti-love banger, “Wasted.” Produced with his frequent collaborator Barry Fowler and written with a fellow viral artist Emei, “Wasted” is the third single off of Haiden’s upcoming debut EP Good Grief! out later this summer.

“Wasted,” tells the dark story of how relationships can turn manipulative. This track uncovers an experience Haiden had with a toxic ex that was so possessive that he was isolated from his loved ones for almost two years. Haiden was able to channel his pain into this musical creation, showcasing his vulnerability while wearing his heart on his sleeve.

When asked about the track Haiden said, “With this song, I wanted to show that I’m not always interested in meeting my fans where they’re comfortable. Being artistic and trying new things is often overshadowed by virality and artists can get stuck in a cycle of recreating old moments. I’m so much more interested in longevity and challenging myself artistically.”

If this song is any indicator of what is to come from his debut EP… we are in for a treat! Listen to “Wasted” today as well as his viral pop hit “Sorry To Your Next Ex” which I wrote about previously (read here), and get ready for new music coming very soon.


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