Wes Patrick / AIRHEAD

If you could throw everything you like from the very best of “feel-good” debauchery-music in the last 4 decades.. Wes Patrick would be your special Jamba Juice blend. Truth be told, I got hit with this record a couple of months ago and it just kept on appearing in my field of consciousness (TikTok, IG, you name it…). Needless to say, we leave nothing to chance. The kid from Orange County is special.

In the spirit of keeping things succinct (lord knows I can ramble and chase ideological butterflies that have no specific pertinence to music), Wes Patrick crushed this. “AIRHEAD” tackles so many Gen-Z concepts that I can’t help but chuckle. The chorus alone reinforces this sentiment.. “5k comin’ from the Cash App damn.. and she won’t tell me where she work at”. I’m a fan now. We’re all fucked when Cash App starts reporting to the IRS.

My apologies. If you need a feel good vibe to soundtrack your life in real time – yet center within the neurosis of today – look no further than Orange County, CA artist Wes Patrick. I’m stoked at what he has to offer going forward. In your face + tasty power chords, rumbling bass lines, and vocals that are just right. GO RUN IT UP!


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