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Get in loser, we’re going crying! It’s actually not that sad, but the persisting burn of love lost can really get you down. We all get that- but on her latest track, Chloe Tang asks the question we all feel when we catch our thoughts wandering towards someone that we’re not quite over, “Why the @#%$ do I feel sad?”. Truly something we should all be asking ourselves, the LA based artist makes a touchy subject a total bop on WTFDIFS.

WTFDIFS is a pop track that runs at a cool 2:52. Featuring energetic, snappy production, Chloe’s vocals are a perfect fit for the sorta attitude and jadedness of someone (unsuccessfully) moving on from an old flame. Lyrically, the song has a quality about it that makes it particularly catchy and can be easily summarized by the title. Despite the kinda sad subject matter of the song, Chloe’s “over it” aura manages to vibe through the sadness, which is really just what you gotta do sometimes!

For some, it’s a sad girl summer, and this song is by all means the perfect match for those going through it. Even if you’re in a totally healthy relationship or completely over an ex, WTFDIFS is for the people that have been dirty by some guy (everyone). 

Check out the visualizer below and stream wherever you get your music!

Written by: Chloe Tang & Wow Jones

Prod. by: Harry Myers & David Burris


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