Kenarri / Done Up

Atlanta newcomer Kenarri‘s inflection on her new cut “Done Up” is melodic. Her first bar sets the tone on a track that immediately warrants a head nod. Her energy is contagious. What sounds like a male’s backing vocals in parts of the performance gives way to a backing vocal-less performance fit for car rides and girl boss conferences.

When asked about “Done Up”, Kenarri says, “I was fed up. I was tired. But not in a bad way. These feelings inspired me to reinvent myself and write a different story. The story that I want to re-write is that, as a woman, I don’t have to tolerate that. Get rid of everything that makes you feel less than worth it! Get done up, and forget about it!”

For a recording artist like Kenarri, enlisting producer Kenny Stuntin to bring “Done Up” to life comes naturally as it is not the first of their collaborations.

Stream “Done Up” below:


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