Kayo // Talk

The windy city has birthed many talented musicians throughout the years, and 23-year-old Chi-town native Kayo is keeping that narrative alive and well with the release of his new single “Talk”!

“Talk” is the second leading single off of Kayo’s upcoming project which is coming out in the next couple of months. The track is centered around communication and offers the idea that maybe the less you speak to someone the better. It encapsulates the ups and downs of a relationship, it highlights issues regarding trust and how sometimes you keep the flame lit even though it might not be the best decision, hence the line “I feel like we are forcing it.” Kayo’s ability to be introspective while telling a story is something that makes it a great song. He’s able to give you his point of view without it being to be prolonged and his melodic ability adds a bounce to the track that’s refreshing.

Drawing inspirations from artists like Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Jay Z, you can see that Kayo is big on utilizing his creativity, lyricism, and production to make excellent music and be original while doing so.

And if you aren’t familiar yet, I suggest you become aware! Make sure you listen to “Talk” which is available on all streaming platforms and follow Kayo on Instagram, which you can do here


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