Mati // Please Don’t Tempt Me

Minneapolis, Minnesota-based singer and songwriter Mati takes some time to self-reflect on his latest single, “Please Don’t Tempt Me.”

Growing up doing spoken word and writing poetry, one can assume that self-awareness has always been a focal point within Mati’s creative process. And the two-minute and 50-second duration of “please don’t tempt me,” is a mellow interpersonal trip. The track highlights everything present in his life up until this point. He speaks on situations regarding women, how certain circumstances have shaped his outlook, and the importance of perseverance. The fluidity of Mati’s delivery really sells the song, and that with the combination of the easy-going instrumental, truly ties it all together. I also enjoyed the layering of the vocals on the chorus, and even though this was a small addition to the track, it helped create a feeling of depth that I enjoyed.

Though he only has three songs out at the moment, Mati is diligent and is attacking from all angles. He has opened up for artists like ODIE and Marzz, and before that, he performed at first Ave seventh st entry, which is one of Minneapolis’s historic venues. And with this release, he plans on refining a new sound to showcase the world.

Things are looking up for Mati, and he should definitely be on your radar. “Please don’t tempt me,” is available to stream on all platforms, and you can follow Mati on Instagram by clicking here


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