Ayoni // Before I Prosper

Barbadian powerhouse AYONI just released her latest soulful anthem, “Before I Prosper,” off her upcoming EP, The Vision EP.

“Before I Prosper” melds together elements of pop, R&B, soul, and gospel music creating an intoxicating genre-bending soundscape. Lyrically, Ayoni acknowledges a lack of clarity in her life – channeling emotions of anger and frustration of humanity into this track.

Ayoni shares “‘Before I Prosper’ is such an important breakthrough on this project. A victory lap in so many ways for me as a singer, as a producer, and as a storyteller, I really feel like this song breaks every mold and exists in a very singular space. I love how whimsical and ambitious this song is and how freely I master space on the record. ‘Before I Prosper’ is about the moment before the breakthrough, the valley before the peak, and the way that my darkest moments have often become my greatest testimonies. Every single second of this song means the absolute world to me, and I think it is the best reflection of who I am right now out of any song that I have ever released.”

This track follows Ayoni’s incredibly moving emotional track “You Said I Love You Too Soon,” which is also off her upcoming EP, The Vision EP coming out later this summer.

I had the amazing experience of seeing Ayoni perform live at School Night located at Bardot in Hollywood… and I was absolutely shocked by the raw talent that she emanated from the stage. Her vocal abilities are endless, her stage presence was captivating, and her music is meaningful. Ayoni truly is such a talented artist, and I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes.

Stream “Before I Prosper” today and get ready for her EP out later this summer!


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