Ronnie Rage // Onyx

Go, and immerse yourself in the raw energy of Ronnie Rages’ emphatic track “Onyx.”

Hailing from Chicago, Ronnie Rage is a jack of all trades. With experience in engineering, production, design, and music, He has been able to merge all his talents and become a multi-faceted artist. Now, at 25, he has created this world of psychedelic and introspective music. And with the release of his EP, [ANTI.VERS], he is stating his claim as a promising act in the underground music scene.

Now let’s get into it…

“Onyx,” is track two off the 11-song EP, and I have not stopped listening to this since it came across my radar!

This tracks spacey-inspired production will have you floating, and the bass thumps so hard that you can feel it in your chest. Lyrically, the song is lively and includes melodic flows with flexed-up undertones, in which Ronnie’s presence is felt. This is demonstrated in the first 23 seconds of the song with the line “I don’t shop at malls, what I got on is made for me.” And This is just a glimpse of the confidence spewed throughout the song amongst other lines. This creates excitement as a fan of the music, and it dopes to see artists get in their element.

I’m excited to see how Ronnie continues to further his artistry, and it’s going to be dope seeing him get the recognition he deserves!

Both “Onyx,” and [ANTI.VERS] are available for streaming on all platforms, and you can listen below. Also, follow Ronnie on Instagram to stay connected with him and his future releases!


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