Destin Laurel / i suppose

Destin Laurel represents the new wave of hip hop artists.

With the emergence of prominent new genre’s prominently based around the production of the tracks such as phonk, plugnb and even hyperpop. The culture around rap has been influenced and therefore changed a lot.

Destin brings something fresh to the table, aesthetically he presents a fine art take on stuff that is familiar yet still absolutely maintains the unique element to both his sound and aesthetic that immediately caught the attention of my eyes and ears.

Questioning the outside world, other people and himself with his lyrical content and song title revolving around being unsure yet accepting of the way things are.

Stylistically if you enjoy stuff from artists like SSG Kobe, Sofaygo and Bigbabygucci you will likely dig what Destin is putting out as creatively Destin is on another level and I for one cannot wait to see what more is to come.

Check out the ‘i suppose’ music video below.


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