It is incredibly rare to find an artist that can captivate an audience both sonically and visually.  Rahul is an emerging artist that is breaking that boundary and is redefining the status quo for what a song and music video should look (and sound) like. The 25-year-old Tampa, FL bred artist returns with his latest release, “LONDON FOG” – a five-minute, lo-fi house track produced by himself, Jack Hallenbeck, and Dom Sarfo. From his start as a music video director working with artists such as Alex Wiley and more, to actually becoming an artist himself and releasing music, it is no question that Rahul has all of the skills necessary to succeed.  The creative foundation has been laid and Rahul showcases his incredible artistic talent perfectly through this release. 

The video starts out with a dead woman lying down in a remote area.  Rahul is seen cleaning blood from his hands and is on the run for the murder he just committed.  He is found sleeping in the alleyways of London and calls a girl who invites him over.  The girl shuts the blinds alluding to the fact that Rahul is in hiding.  After hanging out for a bit, the girl offers him hallucinogen drugs and they both begin to experience a psychedelic trip in the house. 

The video quickly transitions to an incredible assortment of colors, edits, and vibrant transitions.  It simultaneously matches the change of the song creating an incredible build up in both the song and video.  Rahul and the girl are seen going through what seems to be an intense acid trip.  Rahul is even seen throwing up towards the end.  All of a sudden, the girl slowly grabs a knife and the scene cuts simultaneously as the song slows down.

Suddenly, the scene transitions to Rahul and the girl who was originally murdered as they are trapped on a deserted island – portraying the two of them in “heaven”.  The song continues with its mellow outro and the couple seem to be laughing and are in love.  They are both dressed in tribal clothing and Rahul is catching a fish with a makeshift spear that he had built from sticks.  They continue to sit on the beach, cook and watch the sunset together as the outro of the song continues to play.  This is a true visual experience as each scene fits perfectly with the song and captures the audience’s attention.  

This creative masterpiece is a must listen and a must watch.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen or watch this incredible music video, I encourage you to do so in the link below! If you enjoy visual and sonic art, this is the artist for you. I’m super excited to see what Rahul has in store for his audience next!  


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