McCall // …to be a dream… (LP)

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter McCall, released her debut LP in mid-July, …to be a dream… and I cannot get over it.

…to be a dream… is a raw, gritty, and ethereal coming-of-age project illustrating McCall growing up and finding her place in the world. Throughout the eight tracks on the album, McCall offers her listeners insight into an honest portrayal of her life, relationships, and emotions…encouraging herself to let go of whatever is holding her back and any negativity that came along with it.

McCall says, “The album follows themes of strained relationships between friends, family, and partners. I realized that my self-hatred (as detailed on previous EP, ‘On Self Loathing’) did not exist in a vacuum. Because I’m exceptionally hard on myself, it felt natural to set rigorous standards for the people in my life as well. I was quick to hurt someone’s feelings under the guise of “tough love.” 

The project has two different parts to its story — having resentment towards others and then how McCall works through her complex feelings. This LP in turn, is filled with incredible songs that contain intricate lyrcisim and intoxicating soundscapes that will leave you wanting more. Through releasing this body of work, McCall allowed herself to release what was no longer serving her, redefinding herself and her artistry.

If you haven’t heard it yet, I highly recommend listening to this album in its entirety and all the way through without stopping (if you can). Each and every single one of the songs on this project are works of art.


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