Mercury. // Moment

Despite Nashville being the heart and soul of country music, it doesn’t stop there when it comes to talented songwriters. The city bleeds music, whether it’s country, rock n’ roll, or R&B. The best part? It’s the perfect place to accidently stumble across your next favorite up and coming band, and that’s exactly what’s happened here.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t come back and write articles unless the world desperately needs to know about the incredible discovery I’ve stumbled upon. While mindlessly scrolling through Tik Tok, I came across what could’ve been the most stunning voice I’ve heard in a long time. Fiery red hair draped over her guitar, a soft melody creeps through the speakers while her fingers dance upon the strings of her acoustic guitar, she began to sing. The mindless scrolling through Tik Tok came to an abrupt stop and I was locked in. I had to know more. My fingers couldn’t move fast enough, I had to find out who Maddie Kerr was. I quickly found out that the soft, melodic vocals I heard through Kerr’s Tik Tok is NOT what’s portrayed on streaming platforms…there’s so much more.

Maddie Kerr is one of five members of the band Mercury. Mercury. is a Nashville based Indie Rock band, constantly inspired by human connection and emotion, their music resembles just that. Between the powering vocals, heavy drums and distorted guitars, the instant love for this band is inevitable. Every verse and chorus is carefully written and orchestrated in a way that leaves binging their whole catalog of music.

I had the chance to quickly catch up with Kerr, lead vocals and one of the guitarists of Mercury. With their new track ‘Moment’ out everywhere now, it seemed like the perfect moment to dig a little deeper in the world of Mercury.

Kerr describes that ‘Moment’ is an ode to those who are trying to find comfort in the unknown during the hard times in life. Kerr explains, “This song was written in an anxious effort to feel in the ‘Moment.’ Myself, along with the people I loved most in life, were all going through some pretty hard times – this song was written in an attempt for me and my loved ones to find peace in the unknown and feel okay again. In a short amount of time, ‘Moment’ conveys what it feels like to be stuck in an endless loop of anxiety, how isolating it can feel, and how quickly it can come up and cause someone to spiral. With straightforward lyrics describing the heavy desire to feel present in life, all leading up to a chaotic ending, we hope this song connects with its listeners and gives people the space to scream the words “let go” and acknowledge where they are – in their present moment.”

Gearing up for their tour with The Backseat Lovers, Mercury. continues to awe their followers. Putting out powerful, meaningful and hopeful music for anyone to connect to, I’m so excited to see what this tour does for the future of this band. Check out Mercury. and their new track ‘Moment’ below!


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