If you’ve ever felt nostalgic for the dreamy and gritty pop music of the early 2000’s, YOUR ANGEL is about to become your newest obsession.

Though she was raised as a farm girl in New Mexico, Maddy Boyd has propelled herself into a completely different dreamscape creating music that, in her own words, “sounds like Britney Spears, Dido, Nelly Furtado, and Timbaland had a baby.”

You can immediately hear these influences on her newest single, “One More Time,” which opens with rich, string synths and a dense choral sample. The production then immediately strips back to spotlight the sultry vocals over a Timbaland-esque syncopated beat and punchy 808 bassline.

The pre-chorus and chorus scream Dido, with a warping bassline underlining rich and dreamy strings that will remind you of the radio hit “White Flag,” that you sang your heart out to on the playground for no good reason. Her thoughtfully panned vocals fill your ears from all directions, with the lower range giving the chorus depth in the center and the harmonies filling the periphery. Produced by YOUR ANGEL, herself, and fellow Los Angeles-based artist Stephanie D’Arcy (better known as AKA me), the duo’s masterful production skills make listening to this song an overwhelmingly sweet sensory experience.

“One More Time” develops with such a natural flow, and that forward momentum will keep you drawn in and reaching for that replay button before you’ve managed to listen through once.

With new music coming every six weeks, all you Y2K enthusiasts can rest easy knowing this up-and-coming popstar will regularly be bringing you new hits to add to your “Early 2000’s Nostalgia” playlists.

Check out the freshly released music video for “One More Time” below and stream the single on all platforms.


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