Sitting over a beat that lives somewhere between trap and drum-and-bass, Los Angeles-based Amber Olivia delivers us vocals, flow, and unique style on her newest single, “Thinking.”

The track is built heavily on the energy of a punchy kick, crisp claps and a wide airy snare. The beat keeps the vocals moving forward and, when necessary, breaks to make space for Amber’s rich melodies.

“‘Thinking’ is a tune I wrote with my producer, Middle School, as I was reflecting on a relationship that was no longer serving me. We talked about times our efforts weren’t noticed or reciprocated in past relationships and how you can only take so much,” Amber explained. “It gets to a point where when they hit you up you’re just like like, ‘what do you really even want from me!?'”

The track opens with a sampled version of almost half of the song, which seems jarring at first, but gives the latter half of the release a more laid back and comfortable feel.

Amber Olivia’s vocal performance is one I can’t quite put a finger on. Certain instances call to memory the husky grit of Teyana Taylor, while many of the harmonies and ad libs take my mind to Chloe and Halle Bailey. No matter the influences, it’s inarguable that Amber has a powerful and passionate voice, capable of conveying her experiences and emotions effortlessly.


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