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If there is one thing that seems to make less and less sense as I make my way through my second and two-fifths of a decade on this planet, it’s modern day dating. There’s no universal “dating for dummies” guide that tells you how to navigate dating in the age of commitment issues and the apps™, and even if there was, what difference would it make? Today, Australian queer pop newcomer, Hallie, dropped “Do It” – a song that channels the excitement and confusion that comes with dating in 2022. 

All we want is to be wanted, and “Do It” captures this sentiment in a way that is relatable to all of the twenty-somethings looking for that special connection. Through their poignant songwriting and fearless-yet-vulnerable vocals, Hallie has managed to create an evocative pop song that is refreshing, setting them apart from the formulaic writers that are trending these days. In the chorus, they question romantic reciprocation, singing “Clawing up for a label, reading up on how to be stable, I’d let you in, what’s it to you?” If there’s one lyric that sticks with you, let it be that one. 

Hallie expands on the meaning of “Do It,” sharing: “I wrote ‘Do it’ about trying to get into the swing of dating again and the child-like nerves of flirting. I was experiencing loneliness while simultaneously wanting to explore my sexuality and make new connections. I find that stage just as exciting as it is scary and confronting and this song is me being honest with how I was feeling and giving myself a push toward exploring those crushes.”

If you’re a fan of King Princess, MAY-A, and/or Hayley Kiyoko, I have an inkling that you will resonate with Hallie’s music, whether it be through instrumentals or songwriting. They sing with a certain kind of charm, using the medium of sound to explore topics of identity, sexuality, and gender, in a way that feels lucky to hear. I’m excited to see where 2022 takes Hallie, “Do It” is only the beginning!

Listen to “Do It” and check out its official music video below!


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