Hailing from North Lawrence, Kansas, Liam Elliott is a 20 year-old multi hyphenate creative who is nothing short of self sufficient when it comes to his creative process. In fact, just last month Elliot delivered us his debut EP, FULL CIRCLE, which is an exceptional self produced offering that I hope you all enjoy just as much as I do! 

While there are several pertinent storylines weaved throughout the project, Elliott’s juxtaposition of being the heartbreaker and the heartbroken is what struck my attention. Starting in a space of blissful naivety, the first storyline unravels into wrenching heartbreak. Without closure and sufficient healing, Elliott then takes us into a second storyline in which the tables have turned and he is now the voice of the heartbreaker. 

Showcasing a natural blend of attention grabbing raps and R&B flavor, I’ve had FULL CIRCLE in rotation since a friend threw me on a few weeks back. Upon listening to standout tracks such as “MY LUVV” and “NATURAL” for the first time, it was immediately apparent that music isn’t just something that Elliott is just good at; this is how he processes his experiences and grows as a person. It’s an essential aspect of his livelihood. 

For a deeper dive into Elliott’s world, make sure to check out the deluxe installment of FULL CIRCLE, which drops tomorrow, August 25th. Personally, I’m looking forward to spinning this record all weekend and have a good feeling about the extended version of the project. To stay up-to-date with Elliott’s moves, you can tap in with him on Instagram @liamelliott.wav. As always, check out the song preview below and let us know what you think of this one! 


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