Janna Jamison // Romanticize The Shit Out Of You

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Janna Jamison just released her latest track, “Romanticize The Shit Out Of You.” This is Janna’s first single following her debut EP “The Pulling My Clothes EP” (2021).

Jamison is now confidently stepping into a new musical era with “Romanticize The Shit Out Of You.” This track sonically showcases a shoe-gazey/Swiftian-country sound, with witty, playful, and unabashedly manic-pixie-dream-girl lyricism about a romantic experience.

When asked about this track, Jamison said, “To me this song is a comedic way of portraying how it feels to be viewed as a trope of a person. As women sometimes we are put into boxes with beautiful packaging that people want so badly to open until they see what’s actually inside, and if it’s not something new or shiny or fun then it is immediately disregarded. Our humanity is only relevant to when it is easy to swallow.”

Janna Jamison is an artist to keep on your radar, and this brand new track is just the beginning of her shiny new sonic chapter. Listen to “Romanticize The Shit Out Of You” today, and dive into Jamison’s discography – she is truly incredible.


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