Sam Short // Naked

Los Angeles based pop singer-songwriter Sam Short released her latest single, “Naked” on August 5th…and it has still been on repeat in my mind and on my playlists since it came out.

“Naked” is a killer pop anthem that hooks you right from the start. It is bold, intoxicating, and fearless, and when singing this song out loud or thinking about the words in your are sure to feel like a bad b*tch.

When asked about the track, Sam shared, “‘Naked’ is essentially an ode to self-love and sensuality. It encompasses all of what it means to not only be independent, but to be empowered as a female in today’s world. I wrote the song in an effort to help myself recover from a tumultuous break-up, and I hope it helps others do the same.”

Listen to “Naked” today, watch the irresistible music video below, and get ready for new music coming from this amazing artist really soon.


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