everything ab u / she loves boon

If you are looking for a fresh mesh of genre’s look no further than she loves boon.

Boon is an example of a creative that’s more than willing to take things in a direction down a path untrodden. Boon stands out amongst the crowd in a sea of over-saturation perhaps due to his semblant reluctancy to be labeled or put in a box.

everything ab u’ was one of the standout tracks from boon’s latest project ‘Emotional Trap’. This track has a digitally ethereal vibe, vulnerable songwriting and S-Tier production.

Boon makes extremely listenable music that toes the line of various different genres and styles so you never quite know where it’s going which keeps you on your toes while listening and provides a great listening experience.

Boon has a quality where you are really transported elsewhere while his tracks are playing. Yet at the same time running themes of relationships, partying, emotions and self reflection help the music remain relatable to most.

I can’t wait to dig deeper into Boon’s catalog. Stream emotional trap here:


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