Sophia Viggiano // Mean Your Words

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Sophia Viggiano created one of the most beautiful yet painful songs of 2022 titled, “Mean Your Words.”

Mean Your Words” is a folk-pop song that tells the tale of realizing the person you love isn’t who they made themselves out to be — never telling you the whole truth and keeping you in the dark for years… a betrayal that cuts deep.

Viggiano’s lyrics read, “Was it her in the morning, and me at night? Was it her on your left, and me on your right? When you said “I’m in bed. I didn’t know know that meant her’s, And I’m crying again, cause you don’t mean your words.”

When asked about the track, Viggiano explained, “‘Mean Your Words” was written from a place of severe pain and confusion. The boy I talked to every day for over 2 years was talking to my childhood best friend, who I met at through a homeschooling program (which is a whole other story in itself), throughout the same exact time period. I wished this wasn’t happening or true, but as I was experiencing this reality I decided to write a song about my betrayal. He knew me better than anyone and I didn’t want to be anyone else’s…but she could say the exact same thing.” She continued by saying, “My childhood best friend and I had a bond like no other, so the fact that it was us talking to the same one guy was beyond unbelievable. After this happened, we reconnected and have grown so much closer, like no time as passed. We love each-other more than we ever loved him.”

What sticks out to me about “Mean Your Words” is the vulnerable lyricism that is sadly all too relatable. Viggiano has managed to create a song that resonates with many, but tells her personal story truthfully and unapologetically.

Listen to “Mean Your Words” today, follow her on TikTok for sneak peaks of new songs, and get ready for new music coming soon — she is an artist to keep your eye on.


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