Perry Maysun & Tommy Richman OLD MAN

Perry Maysun and Tommy Richman. Tommy Richman and Perry Maysun…  Absolute assassins. Teaming up for one of the most innovative and boundary pushing tracks to float my radar this year, “OLD MAN” is destined to whisk innocent bystanders into a sonic journey chalked full of unexpected plot-twists and turns. 

Driven by a gritty bit-crushed 808 and pleasingly in pocket percussive elements, Tommy Richman starts “OLD MAN” off with a soaring hook that will have you running this joint back-to-back-to-back. Just as Richman has listeners fully enveloped in the chorus, Perry Maysun enters the picture with a verse that somehow seamlessly marries screamo with asmr. 

With over 4 minutes of playtime and exceptionally vivid lyricism and instrumentation to match, “OLD MAN” feels more like a movie than a song. As I would never ruin a great movie for a friend, here’s where I’ll leave things: Whether Perry Maysun and Tommy Richman are releasing individually or in collaboration, both of these guys make completely unconventional music and are willing to experiment in a way that stands out as idiosyncratic even in an ecosystem of creativity and talent. 

As always, hit the Spotify preview below to stream “OLD MAN”, and tap in with Perry (@perrymaysun) and Tommy (tommyrichman.png) on instagram to stay up to date with their music and moves.



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