Tiffany Johnson // Anybody Else

South Dakota native and Nashville based singer-songwriter Tiffany Johnson, is the creator of an incredible, catchy, and relatable track that has been stuck in my mind for too long, “Anybody Else.”

Johnson describes herself as “an old soul with teenage angst” and creates music that embodies that sentiment perfectly. She fell in love with the idea of being able to capture a moment or feeling through her lyrics, and that is exactly what she did with “Anybody Else.”

When asked about the track, Johnson shared, “When I wrote “Anybody Else” I was in such a state of frustration with the way my life revolved around other people’s validation. I think growing up in a generation raised with the internet caused me and my peers to constantly associate self-worth with internet applause. I’ve always been fascinated by the art of presenting yourself to an audience and how it coincides with the core of who you truly are as a person. The line “say you know my name and maybe I’ll feel more like myself” captures that feeling to me. I wrote this song as a letter to myself to help me feel less alone in this experience and I hope it can do the same for others.”

The companion music video for “Anybody Else” was filmed in The Badlands of South Dakota- Tiffany’s home state, highlighting the beautiful and pure nature of this track.

Anybody Else” is off of her upcoming EP titled Over Emotional coming out on Nov.4th…so if I were you…I would become an early fan ASAP.

Listen to “Anybody Else” today, watch the music video, and get ready for new music coming your way really soon!


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