merci, mercy / is it me, or is it you? EP

In my healing era, I read a lot of useful books, and one of them talked about how everyone is our mirror. We see ourselves reflected back by others: what we like about someone is what we like about ourselves, and what we dislike about someone is what we dislike about ourselves. We’re all kaleidoscopes – and in merci, mercy’s latest EP ‘is it me, or is it you?’ – the 19 year old singer-songwriter reflects and introspects, questioning her impact on the people around her. 

Through six tracks, ‘is it me, or is it you?’ takes the listener on a journey of mental health and self-acceptance. Kicking off the project with ‘Into You,’ merci, mercy comes to realize that her partner does not equate to the idealized version of them in her head – ultimately concluding that “it’s simply not my fault as to why things in my life are not quite working out.” Over upbeat alt-pop production infused with a summery guitar riff, ‘Into You’ puts a playful twist on an otherwise harsh realization.

In the melancholically beautiful ‘Winnie Crush,’ merci, mercy confronts her battles with addiction, writing with a level of honesty and vulnerability that feels like a heart to heart conversation with a best friend. While maintaining an old school groove to accompany merci, mercy’s buttery vocals, ‘Winnie Crush’ captures the reality of how your actions can affect your relationships with the people you hold closest. 

Expanding on the EP’s title, merci, mercy shares, “The name is it me, or is it you? is an evaluation of who really is the cause of the situation. Is someone else the reason for my struggles or is it just all on me? The themes heavily revolve around my mental health and the impacts it has on me and others around me.”

Each track captures a relatable narrative in a palatable way, but ‘Too Easy’ is easily the standout single of the project. In ‘Too Easy,’ merci, mercy finds herself in the midst of a no-strings-attached situationship. Accompanied by an ominous synth, she begins with an initial act of self-sabotage, singing “Maybe I should just let go / And take somebody home / So I can fuck it up with you.” By the time we reach the chorus, we come to understand the true meaning of the track’s title, as merci, mercy admits “Too many reasons / To stay or go / But I like me better / When on my own.” The illusion of love is tempting, but sometimes, choosing oneself is the greatest love one can receive. 

While the ‘is it me, or is it you?’ confronts hard-hitting themes, merci, mercy’s delivery is colorful and creative, disguising wistful lyricism in playful indie-pop beats. Especially for 19 years old, merci, mercy writes with a level of maturity that is rare to come across these days.

Check out ‘is it me, or is it you?’ below!


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