TOVA / Care PKG (EP)

R&B singer TOVA opens up about his migration to Canada and new beginnings as an adult in his latest ep titled Care PKG. The five-track ep summarizes TOVA’s love and growth through a blend of genres such as Afropop, Shoegaze, and Lo-fi. 

Care PKG “opens with ‘Wonder,’ a hazy inquiry into life’s mysteries and the direction of [TOVA’s] life delivered over a sparse instrumental.” Born in Nigeria and based in Canada, TOVA invites listeners into his ever-changing world as he navigates through new cultures and experiences.

On the track “7 Days,” we learn more about TOVA’s move to Canada. The heavy Afropop influence is apparent and paired with TOVA’s lyrics, we discover a deeper understanding of the realities of leaving home and chasing a dream. TOVA sings, “I’ve been far from home since year seventeen / I had to catch a flight just to find my way / Had to pray to God for a better day / Devil never sleep, never take no breaks / So you know I can’t ever take no holiday.” 

The ep delivers a cohesive story and each track reveals a new identity. The story is sonically powerful and bounces from different genres. My favorite tracks from the ep are “7 Days” and “Lei’s Lounge.” 


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