PIAO // Tissues (EP)

Shanghai born and newly Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist PIAO just released her highly anticipated debut EP entitled Tissues.

This 5 song project is a glorious introduction to PIAO as an artist. Emotional yet versatile, Tissues shows that there are no creative bounds for this rising star. With heartfelt lyricism that shows off her impressive vocal range on top of an almost nostalgic yet ever changing sonic atmosphere with elements of pop and R&B, and more, any type of music lover can find a song they will enjoy that has been carefully crafted by PIAO.

When asked about the project, PIAO shared with me, “An accumulation of the feelings I had graduating from college during covid and into the void of “real life,” the songs off Tissues are all diary entries. Literally…Pages from my baby blue moleskine. I didn’t realize that so much of my seemingly happiness came from the distractions around me…friends, schoolwork, being around family, that when the world shut down and we were all forced to sit quiet with our minds I noticed that not only did I not know my own mind, but in fact hated it. From searching for life, to crying through boxes of tissues, and building popsicle houses for my hamster I find solace on the things I was once haunted by. Just like my younger self when I saw Hannah Montana for the first time, I fall in love with music once again.”

PIAO is just getting started. With a drive to break the mold of what a traditional pop artist might look or sound like, she is creating her own musical lane.

Listen to Tissues in its entirety today and get hooked on PIAO’s unique sound, she is an artist to watch.



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