Devon Gabriella // How Could You?

LA-based singer-songwriter and rising independent artist Devon Gabriella has finally released her highly anticipated track, “How Could You?,” out into the world today… and it is absolutely incredible.

With an undeniably catchy melody, and emotionally charged/relatable lyrics, “How Could You?” captures the ethereal essence of pain and sadness that accompanies betrayal.

When asked about creating this track, Devon shared, “The night David, John Buser and I created ‘How Could You?’ was absolutely magical. I felt like I was floating. If just one listener feels a touch of that magic upon listening to the song, I’ll be happy.”

From making music in her bedroom, wearing her heart on her sleeve, and living by a mantra of raw honesty, Devon’s songwriting and music showcase an uncensored examination of her own pain and experiences going through life.

Listen to “How Could You?” today, dive into Devon’s discography, and become an early fan to this amazing artist that is sure to be a household name.



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