Diz // Hunger

Diz has returned with the release of ‘Hunger’

This track features Saade, is co-produced by chasay, and is one of those songs you feel in your chest. The vigor that Diz speaks with matches perfectly with his cadence on this record. He is able to project his voice in such a manner that you feel all the pain and emotion flowing as if you were experiencing it firsthand. Diz’s storytelling on this track is very transparent, and he utilizes this song as a confessional. We get to see how he deals with people who take a lot out of him and the process of preserving through these uncomfortable situations. You, as the listener can tell from this inner dialogue, that he is on the hunt for growth as he tries to “muscles through”. Additionally, I enjoyed Saade’s contribution to the track as well, he added another level of tenacity that matched the overall vibe of the song, and I enjoyed listening to this duo work off of each other. 

The production on this track is top-tier and is one of the most impactful elements of the song. The soul sample (provided by chasay), and background saxophone (played by Diz) work in harmony to create a feeling of weight, and for three minutes, it feels like we are witnessing Diz & Saade trying to push it off of themselves. This element of jazz that Diz brings to his music really separates him from the pack. He is a true student of the game and is bridging the gap between jazz and hip-hop for this new generation. He is determined to master his craft and become not only a good rapper, but a great musician/ artist, and it is dope to see. 

I believe we are witnessing the rise of something great, and if you have not already, you should become familiar with Diz. You can follow him here on Instagram, and ‘Hunger’ is out now on all streaming platforms.


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