Aimee Vant // Tylenol

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Aimee Vant is back again with another electro indie-pop banger, “Tylenol.” This song is the second single of Vant’s upcoming 6 track EP, and has been long awaited by fans…and after listening to it, you’ll know why.

Tylenol,” written by Vant, James October, Alex Venegas and Jake Bennett, is a universally relatable, incredibly catchy, and emotionally charged track that illustrates how emotional pain can turn physical. It centers around the total inability to detach from a person that once meant everything.

Vant shared, “For me, ‘Tylenol’ came from real experiences of mental trauma turning into a medical nightmare. After an extreme heartbreak situation, the stress and grief seemed to tear my body up from the inside. In trying to treat it piece by piece, it sometimes felt as though the medicine didn’t work and could never fix the bigger problem.” She continued, “James, Alex, Jake and I knew instantly that there was something special about this song. Each of us seemed to relate to it in a different way and put vulnerable pieces of ourselves into writing it.”

For me, Aimee Vant is an upcoming artist to keep an eye on. So if I were you, I would listen to “Tylenol” today, dive into her other incredible tracks, and get ready for an EP coming your way from this young artist really soon.



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