Kinrose // still still still

Kinrose is one of those artists that no matter what musical genre you listen to, you can understand the greatness of. I remember writing on Kinrose back in November of last year and even before all of the success he’s found this year, you always knew that there was something very special about the Maryland-native. No big notes needed to impress you, just catchy melodies, honest vocals, and great storytelling that speak for itself. Something beautiful about Kinrose is that you can tell that he knows himself and his sound very well. These days it feels like everyone is trying to do a little bit of everything, but what Kinrose does is special – he’s able to mix things up all the while keeping his records cohesive with the familiar, signature Kinrose sound. Coming up in a very promising Maryland scene, Kinrose continues to establish himself as one of top artists making moves in the terrapin-state and his newest single is proof.  

Released today, Friday, November 11th, Kinrose’s, “still still still”, is debatably my favorite record from him to date. A hook melody as catchy as any and production work that’ll have you walking on water, “still still still” is a soul-infused hip-hop banger that we can all enjoy. An up-tempo record that captures your attention all the way through, I wouldn’t be surprised if this record gives Kinrose’s hit-song “Profile” a run for its money. Produced by remdolla, the two linked to make a very special record with “still still still” and I pray we see another collab from the two again in the future as there’s certainly some great chemistry going on. Accompanied by a fire music video, the “still still still” visual is just another perfect example of Kinrose’s stellar visual identity which cuts through with each and every video he’s dropped to date.



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