heavn // Suburbia

I haven’t been the best as of late with keeping up to date with articles as evidenced by my recent output, but regardless, I will always find time to sit down and write on music that excites me – even if I’m almost a month late. I’m not generally one to dive into the hyperpop or alternative rock scenes, but today I’ve decided to make an exception that will benefit all of us. Heavn, an 18 year old who’s been on the move as of late, has been racking up hundreds of thousands of screams across his catalog even prior to graduating high school. A huge feat on its own, it’s even more impressive that the teen from Rochester, NY produces, mixes, and masters his records as well – not to mention that he’s a self-taught guitarist and drummer. A true renaissance man, Heavn embodies what it means to be an artist in every sense of the word, so I feel very fortunate to welcome him onto the Early Rising site today. 

Released on October 21st, “Suburbia”, is Heavn’s debut EP which has been getting some serious looks in the underground community as of late. Highlighted by a placement on Spotify’s New Music Friday, “Suburbia”, has had one heck of a first month in existence. Heavn is one of the more versatile teenagers coming up as far as what he can do musically and that really shows in this body of work. Although it feels a bit unfair to highlight some of the records without naming all of them, after listening through the album a handful of times my favorites off this project are “Red Silhouette”, “Veronica’s Shield”, “Queen of Puppets”, and “You Know” with 8485. If you’ve been tapped in with Heavn’s music for some time, you’d notice that this project is much more alternative rock leaning than previous records which seemed to favor more hyperpop influences. Personally, I’m enjoying more of the alternative rock direction from Heavn, so “Suburbia” ended up being right down my alley! 


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