While I’m definitely not the go-to indie pop writer at Early Rising, today I’m branching out of my comfort zone to celebrate a truly one of one artist. I might not be an expert in the genre, but I can definitely tell you when an artist has “it” and the artist I’m writing on today has exactly that. I was first put onto FIG – a NYC-based singer-songwriter from Malaysia – a little over a month ago by a friend and I have to say that she is genuinely onto something here, folks. Delivering four stellar singles throughout 2022, FIG is an artist who’s growing at an ambitious pace and that’s for good reason. Building momentum on streaming platforms, socials, and tour (currently on the road with dhruv), FIG has taken a lot of early strides that make me think that she’s going to have quite the loyal fanbase. If you’re into artists like Sylvan Esso or Kate Bollinger but also want a more soulful flare, I think you’re going to really enjoy FIG – she’s easily one of my favorite rising artists at the moment and is showing no signs of slowing down, so you’re in luck today. 

Released on November 3rd, FIG’s new EP, “BUD”, is everything you need and more for a peaceful, stress-free fall weekend. Simply put, there are no flaws on this project – 8-songs that encapsulate everything you’d want to hear from FIG. Phenomenal storytelling and timeless melodies across the board, FIG finds a way to blend fun-loving vibes with experimental indie-pop and r&b flavors. Whether it was one of the stellar lead-up singles (“Bing Bong Love Song”, “Splinter”, “Pair Of You”, and “Cooking For One”) or undeniable project cuts that could’ve been singles themselves, this record hits in every which way. With songs as strong as  “Chit Chat” not even being singles, this EP is as deep (quality-wise) as any project I’m hearing from artists of her size. At this point, I’m not even sure which record I like the most because they are all so good, so that must be my queue to give you all the opportunity to listen to the EP and form an opinion for yourselves. Along with the streaming link to the project below, you can find videos to a few of the singles off the EP. FIG is an incredibly visual artist, so take some extra time this afternoon to enjoy these videos!


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