Winny // Pretty

Nigerian Afro R&B/Soul/Reggae singer-songwriter Winny (p.k.a Winifred Ohili Adanu), has released her show stopping debut single, “Pretty.”

This incredible artist to watch recorded this “Pretty” in a home studio in Winny’s hometown of Jos in Northern Nigeria, and was co-written with Jesse Zagi and Kingsley Cyprian alongside production by duo WodeMagic.

Pretty” gives me goosebumps. The melody and beat are highly addicting, while the lyrics touch my soul. Having grown up in a family of twelve – contentment, love, and faith were the key values that shaped Winny’s identity, and are shown in a dazzling way within this song.

Inspired by a failed relationship, Winny shared, “I wrote ‘Pretty’ to communicate self-love. There’s nobody that can love me like me. I want people to embrace themselves regardless of who they are, what they are, where they come from or what they are going through.”

This track comes with a breathtaking short film/lyric video directed by Prince Akpa.

Hailing from Benue State, Nigeria, Winny is only getting started. This young artists’ goal is to use her music to inspire and create emotive feelings in her listeners, while expressing a compelling artistic brand that is distinctly her own. She is truly one of the most exciting and talented new global artists who is ready to shatter all barriers to make it to the top.

Listen to “Pretty” today, watch stunning short film/lyric video for the track, and get ready to have a new favorite artist on the horizon.



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