Precious Pepala // Voices

17-year-old singer-songwriter Precious Pepala just released her third single titled, “Voices.” This track follows her successful debut single “My Eyes Only,” and her latest track, “Looking For Trouble.”

Voices” is a sad alternative-pop anthem with a gritty rock twist. This track illustrates the relatable yet ever-so challenging feelings about not wanting to be left alone with your own fears and thoughts. Precious‘s strong and edgy voice soars powerfully over the dark production, while her lyrics remain intimate and painful.

Speaking about the track, Precious explains, “‘Voices’ is a song about being afraid of your own mind and not wanting to be left alone with your thoughts. Recently, I’ve been relating to the lyrics in this song a little too much – especially during the last couple of years when a lot of us have had much more time alone than usual. Our minds can be very dark places at times, but despite the song’s dark nature, I hope it brings comfort to people who feel the same way in knowing that they are not alone or unusual.”

Listen to “Voices” today, watch the visualizer below, dive into her other tracks like “My Eyes Only” and “Looking For Trouble,” and stay tuned for what is to come from this incredible young rising star.


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