ELI BABY & Lazy Banz // MOTTO

Coming out of Queens, New York, Eli Baby and Lazy Banz end their 2022 run with a “club drill” song named MOTTO.

With New York Drill music employing a lot of Pop samples, Eli and Lazy switched it up on this song using a Dance sample. This makes the song unique and stand out from the rest of the New York scene. As per usual with Drill, the song is hype and has a unique energy that is lacking from the rest of the New York scene as Eli and Lazy’s voices have a hunger within.

The video is a whole different story, shot by up-and-coming NYC videographer JPS. Eli and Lazy shut down one of the biggest malls in all of New York City, called QCM (Queens Center Mall). The video shows Eli, Lazy, and a crowd storming the mall and in fact, the video shoot got so popular that Lazy got arrested but was later released as a result of them “starting a riot” (this charge has since been dropped). This raw energy, and willingness to get in trouble for the sake of music brings that raw NY energy and makes it apparent Eli Baby and Lazy Banz are here to stay.

Stream MOTTO on all platforms.


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