Blondshell // Veronica Mars

The indie rock revival is on the rise with Sabrina’s new song, Veronica Mars.

While that’s a bold statement, Sabrina aka Blondshell’s strong vocals and dynamic lyrics distinguish her from other vocalists. Despite the song’s short length, it’s a perfect transition into her sharp and edgy sound. In addition to carrying the same energy as her previous songs, this one emphasizes guitars more than ever before. 

Named after a famous TV show, “Veronica Mars” revisits an era of Sabrina’s life that she describes as an era “when I was being exposed to a lot more than I was comfortable with”. “I think the song is just about having my boundaries crossed and the effects of those transgressions (for example, growing up to think men are hot if they’re assholes).” According to Sabrina, the lyrics “Veronica Mars // 2000 oughts // Logan’s a dick // I’m learning that’s hot” display the sentiment that a child is conditioned to accept what the media promotes.

Overall, the song is the perfect under two-minute connection to all of her previous material. The artist is definitely one to watch from this point forward, as I expect her to continue to grow.

Get a taste of Veronica Mars here, and catch Sabrina in the EU in spring and on tour with Suki Waterhouse in January and February.


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