To end 2022 Julián Dysart leaves us with his first project titled, Inner Nature.

The production on this album is very unique and it blends hip-hop, pop, and R&B to make a very connected yet interesting album. No songs sound like each other, yet they all feel connected and the album has continuity. This made listening to the album as a whole very enjoyable and pleasing, as no song felt so different that it didn’t belong on the project, but they were all unique in a way.

My favorite song is without a doubt the outro, titled Wildcat. The production on this track is extremely creative and is not something I would usually listen to but this song caught my ear. I also really enjoyed the harmonies on Inner Nature, the title song which served as an amazing intro.

Though I’ve talked a lot about the production, I also want to highlight Julián’s singing ability and it really comes through in the title song, Inner Nature. He is an amazing singer, and with the solid production quality on this project it really comes through.

All in all, this is a fantastic project and whether I’m talking about the singing, production, or engineering it all comes together to make a very enjoyable listen.

Stream Inner Nature on all platforms.


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