dyl dion // Talk Every Night

North Carolina’s rising indie pop star dyl dion continues his ascension with the release of his latest single ‘Talk Every Night’.

The 18-year-old was first introduced to music by his parents, who were both musicians themselves. Now, the baton has been passed down a generation and that passion for music is slowly materializing into a bubbling career.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, dyl takes a trip down memory lane and re-visits the harsh truths about a distant friendship. He’s dealing with feelings of regret, and this self-awareness piles up and turns into an overflow of anxiety. At the end of the day, he wishes things could go back to the way they were, but he realizes that times have changed. This is exemplified in the chorus when he says the lines ‘love when you would call me / and we’d talk til we were asleep/ but, you’re leaving, and it’s alright’. Dyl understands he can’t ponder about the past, but it irks him that he can’t connect with loved ones as he once did. This is a universal message that we all can relate to. As we get older, we see people less and the only thing we’re left to do is think about the past. And while it helps to cope temporarily, we understand that void can’t be refilled, and as we listen to this track, we see dyl come to terms with that.

With a unique sound that is both youthful and intuitive, dyl dion is truly a special talent and has amassed a following because of it. It’s going to be dope to see what’s to come for the promising young talent. If you haven’t already, make sure you follow dyl on Instagram, which you can do here, and keep a lookout, it won’t be long before he’s gracing a stage near you.

‘Talk every night’ is available on all streaming platforms, and you can also listen to it here:


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