Mila Degray // Bumble Bee

While it doesn’t happen everyday, on special occasions you might get lucky enough to stumble across an artist who has all the tools they need to really make a career out of this music thing. From her songs down to the presentation of her brand, almost everything that Mila Degray shares with her fans feels special and calculated and that attention to detail is starting to pay off. After highlighting her previous single, “Not Nancy”, a few months back on our playlist, I found myself dumbfounded as to how some people hadn’t discovered Mila yet. To no surprise, fast forward one release to the Friday before Christmas and there she was – sitting right in the middle of Spotify’s New Music Friday. Although the secret might be out by now, she’s still a hidden gem in the grand scheme of things and “early” with respect to what she will one day become.

If Mila Degray’s recent releases are any indication of what is to come in the future, then I feel quite confident in predicting that we are all in for a real treat in 2023 and beyond. The soon-to-be monarch of the underground indie/alt pop world, Mila dropped off her final single of 2022 on December 23rd and it’s easily been one of the most consistent tunes in my rotation this New Year. Entitled, “Bumble Bee”, the song highlights Mila’s soft spoken/reserved nature and impressive songwriting prowess. Penned over a facetime with fellow artist and producer, Marinelli, Mila wrote the song from a place of heartbreak on a one way train ticket on Thanksgiving day from Miami to the big apple. The song – a story of love lost, pain, and remembrance – speaks about her experiences going through her painful first ever break up. A very personal and introspective record, it’s insane to think about how aware and in touch with her emotions Mila is at the youthful age of 18. Although solemn, this is without question one of my favorite records from her to date (if not, my favorite), so be sure to check out “Bumble Bee” using the Spotify link below.


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