Hadji Gaviota // i love smoking mid

Hadji Gaviota immediately stuns with latest release “i love smoking mid”, a hyperpop-reminiscent track that dares to bend multiple genres while balancing personable and culturally relevant lyrics. The bright and high energy production will have any listener bobbing their head to the groovy and unique beat.  

The track leaves no room for hesitation or doubt, starting off strong with a stark contrast between the production and melody. The production follows a glide-like swell with compellingly nasal synths while the vocal delivery performs a more syncopated rhythmic pattern. The contrast between the two immediately drew my ear in and left me excited for the rest of the track.

This relationship between the production and vocal delivery develops gracefully through the rest of the song, as the production begins to dabble with more staccato-like instrumentation and the vocals perform with more of a fluid motion. Gaviota and his team of producers, loe4t, mykel online & Abner Dennis, knew exactly what they were doing with the development and execution of this blissfully easy-to-listen-to track. 

Lyrically, the song tackles a couple different meanings. In his own words, Gaviota describes “on a basic level it’s a song about weed being too strong and wanting to be able to smoke and relax and not get paranoid. But the more I worked on it, the more it became about how we all consume too much and always seek out “the best” when it might not even be what we really want. I’ve done a couple videos talking about it”

Check out the video for the song here, which was shot by Rahul!

This is the perfect track when you need something quick to get you in a bouncy and fruitful mood. The brightness of each and every element of the song leaves no room for listeners to feel anything but good!


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