India Thieriot // Montage

Rising NYC-based singer-songwriter India Thieriot just released her latest indie-pop track, “Montage.”

Montage” pays homage to the memories she created during her first year living in New York City, welcoming in the new year, while reminiscing on the beautiful moments she experienced over the last. Thieriot reflects on a specific moment – driving over the Williamsburg Bridge in a convertible with her two best friends…looking out at the city lights. She recalls this experience as being one of those memories that makes the “mental highlight reel.”

Thieriot continues and says, “I try to capture real moments and feelings with every song I write but this song bottles up a sense of nostalgia — both sonically and lyrically — in a more powerful way than anything else I’ve written. If I close my eyes while listening to it, I’m back in that convertible crossing the Williamsburg Bridge for the first time and thinking, ‘I cannot believe I live in New York City.’ It’s such a core memory.”

Musically, the warm and uplifting instrumentation, that pairs beautifully with Thieriot’s unique sultry vocals, evokes a sense of nostalgia for the listener as they conjure up their own montage-worthy moments.

Since its release, “Montage” has landed editorial playlist placements such as New Music Friday (US), Ultimate Indie, All New Indie, Lorem, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Indie, and more!

Being a fan of Thieriot’s for quite some time… I am so happy she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Listen to Montage” today, dive into her discography, and get ready for new music from her really soon!


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