Kiana Tenille // Homesick

It’s no conspiracy that the creation of music has become accessible to virtually everyone. For better or worse, where there were once immovable financial barriers and intimidating industry gatekeepers, technology has now advanced to the point where everything you need to record a song rests in the palm of your hand. This ease of access has led to the creation of thousands upon thousands of records by aspiring rappers, singers, and vocalists. Where the price to professionally create a song was formerly industry connections, undeniable talent, and considerable experience in the technical aspects of music creation, the only obstacle now is the duration it takes a single app to download. Unfortunately, it’s quite a problem, mainly for truly dedicated aspiring acts. The playing field for these musicians is now lopsided, as they must compete for listeners with thousands of “unserious” individuals. Cutting through this noise, and receiving the proper acknowledgment, is arguably more difficult for actual artists than ever before. Yet, there are still those talented enough, skilled enough, and ultimately lucky enough to push through and receive well-deserved recognition. So if you’re sick of the gimmicks and clickbait, you’re in luck. We’d be honored to formally introduce you to a true artist just beginning her career: Kiana Tenille. On January 17th, the alternative R&B singer & songwriter from Houston released her debut single, “Homesick”

This first official record from her could easily be confused for the latest drop from SZA or Summer Walker if we hadn’t already revealed Tenille as the author, since this type of well-polished artistry is seldom heard. Once played it becomes clear, rather quickly, that Tenille’s debut single isn’t the product of an impulse to try her luck at music. “Homesick” is as fine-tuned as they come.

Throughout “Homesick”, Tenille exercises graceful patience while floating from line to line. Gingerly, she paints airy production with focused emotion, describing what it feels like to experience the loss of someone you were once undetachable from. Tenille proves her songwriting prowess through depictions of separation and longing, using “Homesick” as a reminder that a two-way street emerges “when you make somebody home”. One side being filled with light, warmth, and comfort, whereas the other contains heartache, despair, and melancholy. From periodic repetition to a beautiful cascade of melody and layered vocals, Tenille’s artistry is undeniable. Overall, the HunnidPercent produced record provides Tenille with the necessary foundation to demonstrate her angelic vocal range and detail her own experience with a situation that so many are familiar.

As we mentioned initially, with how accessible music creation has become, it’s rare to hear such a high-quality debut from musicians in any genre. However, songs like “Homesick” are the exception. In her own words, Tenille said, “This record is the culmination of months of hard work”. Although, after listening through, it’s apparent that she’s attempting to remain humble. In reality, “Homesick” isn’t the outcome of months of hard work. It takes years, decades even, of vocalists like Tenille quietly honing their skills to reveal this amount of precision melodically. The commitment required to become this proficient musically is beyond comprehension and cannot be understated. Therefore, we will continue championing Kiana Tenille and more artists like her, while applauding the hours they’ve spent perfecting their musical abilities.

So, if you’re searching for something new to hear, consider this an invitation to experience Kiana Tenille’s impressive debut single “Homesick” through the link below!


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