cydnee with a c // cry alone

Atlanta-raised, LA-based singer Cydnee With A C releases a stellar new music video for alternative-pop single “Cry Alone”. In the whimsical visual, the Aktion Jackson-produced track—activated by a hypnotizing drum & bass beat—gets the Wizard of Oz treatment. Directed by Ian Parke of Red Fox Productions and shot in Los Angeles, the video finds Cydnee and her glitched-out sugar sweet vocals joined by an array of fantastical characters on a journey through a series of vibrant rooms.

Based on its title, “Cry Alone” would seem like a sad song, but the bubbly singer and self-proclaimed K-Pop “fangirl” (she has a YouTube following dedicated to her fandom and even taught herself Korean) says it’s about finding community: “Sometimes all you need is to look outside yourself. Anything can happen; life is magical”. She wrote the song on the plane back home to Atlanta for a much needed visit with family, ultimately recording it in her sister’s bedroom. With the song, Cydnee wanted to express a yearning for connection and the importance of normalizing vulnerability and talking about trauma. 

Reminiscent of popular trends in music such as hyper-pop matched with PinkPantheress type songwriting, Cydnee takes these influences but does not shy away from putting her own twist. It’s clear that Cydnee With A C has a natural knack for exquisite lyricism. Her high quality and creatively executed music video is paralleled equally with compellingly visual lyrics – every line in the song paints a clear image as to what Cydnee is experiencing and how she’s feeling. It’s rare to have the ability to create an upbeat song with such unique depth while tackling a completely dichotomous lyrical topic. However, Cydnee With A C perfects this balance, showcasing her ability to float on top of the production and create a synergistic yet unique track. 

Beyond her lyrical and songwriting abilities, Cydnee With A C’s voice deserves a moment of its own. An interestingly perfect balance between airy and rich, she effortlessly glides along the entire song and makes for an incredibly easy and enjoyable listening experience. In contrast, the production does a wonderful job of providing upbeat energy while including a few hints of melancholy vibes to feed the authenticity of the lyrics. Heard particularly in the mellow and low pitched, heavily-legato synth, its repetitive chord progression serves as a great foundation for the song and leaves plenty of room for Cydnee’s higher vocal frequencies to cut through the mix and shine. 

A visionary in the making, Cydnee’s creativity in collaboration with Ian Parke of Red Fox Productions will stun viewers with its production quality, creativity, and effort.

Cydnee describes the inspiration behind “Cry Alone” and its video:

“The video is Wizard of Oz themed. It’s about me being lost and finding friends or a community of people just as weird as me… finding a community that I can connect with so I know I’m not alone. My YouTube subscribers inspired the song because I used to feel so lonely fangirling about K-pop all by myself until I found a community of fangirls and fanboys.”

Cydnee with a C has been singing since she was a child, and has since recorded and collaborated with the likes of Trippie Redd as well as rapper and fellow Atlanta artist OG Maco, who featured on her 2017 single “I’ll Be Your Chick”. Last week “Cry Alone” was highlighted as a “10/10 Recommend” song on BBC 1Xtra’s Alternative Selection, with host Casskidd, Cydnee headlined a performance at LA venue Adults Only. With a striking new video for an undeniable earworm, and an EP on the horizon in 2023, Cydnee with a C is forging her very own yellow-brick road.

Watch the Music Video Here:


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