Premiere: Kenzie Cait // what i do best

They say that admitting a mistake is not a weakness; on the contrary, it shows an openness of your heart. A mistake is only a mistake if you own that mistake, and you use that mistake to grow into a stronger, more confident self. Admitting your faults is easily the hardest part of any relationship, but it shows maturity to know that you were wrong…even if it’s too late.

That’s the story that Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kenzie Cait pens in her new single “what i do best”. A story of a relationship torn down by your own self-inflicted mistakes. An ugly truth about being the one who messed it all up, and wanting to do everything in your power to be able to fix the things you broke. Facing the hard truths of realizing that time and space may be the only things that could heal what’s already been damaged. Attempting to talk down that voice of false hope chirping in the back of your head that maybe, just maybe, the time and space you’re putting between each other will eventually bring you back together. Kenzie Cait explains she wanted to take a different approach on this track, where it focuses on the bitterness and remorse of being the one who tarnished what you thought was a bond so indestructible.

“‘what i do best’ is a song about being the one who messed up, and the guilt that comes along with it. It’s about regretting what you threw away, and the messy, complicated, shameful part of relationships: the part we usually want to block out rather than open up about. After such an incredible outpouring of support on my last (and second ever) release, I’m hoping this song resonates with fans as much as that one did.”

Kenzie Cait outdid herself yet again. As her third release, there’s an obvious growth in her writing and production. Her latest being a truly melodic and tuneful orchestration that sends chills down your spine at first listen. The track begins with a simple, yet mesmerizing acoustic progression accompanied by her delicate, dulcet voice. The production is crisp, layering her vocals with precision like she’s screaming in whispers. As her best track yet and so much momentum on her side, you won’t want to miss one step Kenzie Cait takes this year.

Take a listen to “what i do best” out now!


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