Alex Lambert // Rebel Ways

When I was 11 my dad and I used to play a game on who could find the best cover of a certain song on Youtube with the least amount of views. The game was called “cover wars”. I am 22 and it’s safe to say we still share the love of music and the search of a great feel through the ears. Today my old man shared a track that felt good.

“Rebel Ways” goes down like smooth glass of brandy with its beautiful blend of indie rock and soul. His melodic flows and beautiful song writing took me on a ride in his story. Being stuck in your own ways, one may never be able to see it till time has transpired and the damage has been done. I can appreciate the graceful realization that is displayed.

This is the first single dropped this year by Alex Lambert. Im curious to see what he puts out moving forward. Gives his track a listen here below:


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