EastLaRoca // Addicted

Boston based artist EastLaRoca is no stranger to sharing his vulnerability through his music. His latest track “Addicted” takes listeners on an emotional journey through his feelings towards his love interest, expressing his addiction to them and how badly he needs them in his life.

The production of the song matches the authenticity of the song perfectly. Producer Luna seamlessly captures the dark ambiance of the track while also adding hints of melancholy lull, showcased through the transient synths and contrastingly sharp snare. The trap-inspired drums introduced halfway through the song do a great job of keeping the listener engaged while allowing the production to remain simplistic. The track has enough room for EastLaRoca’s vocals and emotional message to soar.

EastLaRoca also shot a music video for the track. Shot, directed, and edited by TyVision, these simplistic yet clean edits keep us glued to the frames. This pairing of flawless musical direction, translated into a video masterpiece makes this one that much more special. EastLaRoca is up next, so get hip below.


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