Destin Laurel / Anesthesia

If you’re not hip to Destin Laurel idk what to tell you other than you’re missing out.

Destin is not only a rapper with meaning and maturity well beyond his young age but he maintains his fresh edge and confident swagger throughout.

His track ‘anesthesia’ off his recent project ‘searching for klarity’ is an absolute standout.

The production stands on untrodden ground within the Hip Hop space and Destin is slowly cementing himself as the prince of the Alternative rap space as a whole.

‘anesthesia’ demonstrates that undeniably with his near Kanye level production, tight songwriting and the way he effortlessly weaves together a cohesive themes. This track is a must have workout track and wouldn’t go a-miss on a late night drive.

The other tracks on the project such as ‘win’or’lose’ are most certainly worth a listen where Destin’s confidence and cutting edge soul really shine. Lyrics like ‘I can get rich off of two dollars’ emphasize this.

Destins deserving of your attention.

Stream his project ‘searching for klarity’ on Spotify here:


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