EliWTF // Producer Spotlight (Q&A)

EliWTF is a 21-year-old producer from Brooklyn. He has worked with numerous drill giants like 26ar, Bizzy Banks, and Kay Flock. Further, breaking out in 2021 with 26ar’s hit song, “Manuever”. 

Matt Swain: Where are you originally from?

EliWtf: Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.

Matt Swain: How did growing up in Brooklyn influence your music?

EliWtf: Less, my actual neighborhood but being from Brooklyn and New York City. It definitely influenced my beats, specifically me making drill beats. Also, meeting Alau was a big influence.

Matt Swain: Biggest inspiration?

EliWtf: Mom, and dad for sure. Musically, Rick Rubin. Also, Timbaland and the Neptunes percussion-wise. Madlib too, and Sam Gelletree. Sam Gellaitry had this song Long Distance and the 808 started sliding up-and-down and I was like, “That’s crazy”. 

Matt Swain: How do you usually start a song, beat, writing, etc?

EliWtf: I start with an idea, and I usually will think of something in my head on the way to the studio. Sometimes, it’s a melody, but usually, it’s just a vibe. On a more technical side, I start with the melody usually. Sometimes, also I’ll get inspiration from someone else in the studio.

Matt Swain: With so many producers coming up now, what would you say is the importance of finding your own identity and individuality as a producer and a person?

EliWtf: It’s huge, I feel like a lot of people say that music is stale right now, and in my opinion what producers should do is find their own sound, In reality, producers run the game, and if you find your own sound it drives music. You can still make “type beats” but with your own spin on it and ultimately your identity is what pushes music forward. I feel like all the people who stand out in drill right now, like Chris Saves, Kayarchon, and myself all have individuality. Chief Keef actually said that he doesn’t put tags on his stuff right now cause he wants his stuff to be unique enough that you recognize it. 

Matt Swain: What is your favorite song/songs you’ve produced, and why?

EliWtf: “Y” by Tana. Drippy Oota by Mhady, Set da Trend, and Yagi B. Have Mercy by 26ar.  Also, “I’m Back” by Dougie B

Matt Swain: Manuever by 26ar is a classic, everyone knows that song. Tell us how that song came about?

EliWtf: I made that beat for 26ar and NicoSuave. They pulled up to the studio, and I played the beat for them and they said Rocko Ballin would get on it. Rocko got on it, he went crazy. 26ar got on it, he went crazy. That’s pretty much it. When I left the studio that night I knew it would be crazy.

Matt Swain: I saw recently you had a lot of big stuff coming out including work with Tana, and a lot of songs with Dougie B, is there any other artists you wish to work with that you haven’t yet?

EliWtf: Future, Drake, Young Thug, Chief Keef, and a WTF song with Duke Deuce.

Matt Swain: For all of the up-and-coming producers do you have any tips for them that you think a lot of people look past?

EliWtf: Consistency is the most important thing when it comes to production, in the sense that the people who are working every day are going to get results. If you want your life to depend on producing, you have to treat producing like your life depends on it. Also, don’t be scared of sending beats out if you think your production is not the best. You need to start somewhere.

Matt Swain: With how quickly music comes and goes, where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Genre-Wise? In Life?

EliWtf: I hopefully see myself on a larger scale. Making big ass records and records that I really enjoy. In life hopefully, I’ll have a place in Italy, and New York. I want to travel, I just want to work on music. 

Matt Swain: What’s your next move or next big release?

EliWtf: I got some stuff with Dougie B and Lil Uzi Vert. I have stuff with B LOVEE. Also, Kyle Richh and I got some stuff coming. I also got stuff with Rich the Kid and Jay Critch. I got more stuff with Midwxst. 


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