Hana Eid // Shrapnel




fragments of a bomb, shell, or other object thrown out by an explosion.

When facing change or an experience that leaves you frayed, it can almost feel like an explosion. I felt this when listening to Hana Eid’s new single, “Shrapnel.” As the song is created to mimic the effects of shrapnel when it gets stuck in your skin, Hana makes vocals that dig and shatter the existence of the individual she writes about. It can be apparent through her lyrics: “Now I am still pulling out the shrapnel made of you,”. Clearly, the situation cut deep to the core and gave this song its purpose.

The indie rock singer and Nashville newcomer creates a song that will undoubtedly electrify your soul. Hana describes her recent song being, “about being disappointed by someone. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever written to a diss track”. Throughout her song, she delivers vocally memorable and energetic performances that provide a mesmerizing display of range and talent. 

Hana truly creates music that is impossible to listen to while sitting still. As a performer, Hana Eid creates an energetic and electrifying atmosphere that truly sets her up for impressive performances in the future. So if you have the urge to dance or even just let out energy, you will to this song and all her recent releases. 

As one of the most promising new artists in indie rock, you should check out Hana Eid. She will certainly be aiding the return of a prominent indie rock scene.


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