Josef Lamercier // Figure It Out

When you feel like giving up and your back is against the wall, that’s usually when God shows out the most for us. The New-Orleans native grew up with a lot of hardships that lead to many conversations with God and the uncertainties he had on his mind. Never did he lose his faith though. Moving to LA, it wasn’t easy for him. Homeless and very little money to his name he found a way to still make music. This month he came out with his single “Figure It Out” featuring Huey Briss and executive produced by Niko Oroc.

The filigree that Josef did on my ears felt special with his mellifluous energy. Huey Briss complemented that track beautifully with his emotionally mature bars and cool tone. Last but not least Niko Oroc did his thang producing this track.

Josef Lamaercier is an artist you should keep a serious eye on him. Consider this your early notice.

Give the track below a listen:


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